Brakes are the life savers of the cars. Without proper brakes, the car and the passengers inside it faceeminent danger. As the new days come,  safer the car gets, with intelligent controls, Antilock Braking System, Airbags on all sides of the cars, but still, car brakes remain to be the most important safety feature from the primitive ages. Without the brakes, there are no other means to stop a rolling car, except few crazy means. Thus, it stays the owner of the car’s responsibility to properly maintain and look after the brakes, and change them at times necessary.

Before buying the best brake pads for your car, would love to discuss the types and their properties. The most primitive type of brake during the 50’s was the asbestos brakes. It was the perfect material because of its rigidity, heat resistance, and durability, and it was really cheap. But as the people got to know about the environmental hazards and health hazards they quickly got out of favor. Thus began the search for a new and better replacement.

Currently, there are majorly three kinds of brake pads. First, comes the Organic Brake Pads, but they didn’t contain asbestos, they are also termed as ‘non-asbestos organic’ brake pads. They majorly contain, glass, fiber, rubber, carbon, and Kevlar bound together with binding resin. They are very cheap to manufacture, and most of the cars this day come out of the factory with these brake pads as stock. But they are not at all good for performance driving. Due to high compressibility, they require a bit of effort to cause aneffect. They do not work better at ahighertemperature and quickly wears out faster than other types.

Secondly, comes the Semi-metallic brake pads. They contain a percentage of metal, starting from 40% to 75%. The metallic component is a mixture of copper, iron, steel etc. They are pretty noisy than the organic one but has better performance. They last longer and are more durable. Due to metallic content, they have amuch higher thermal threshold. They have low compressibility factor, for which the braking is efficient. Few of the drawbacks are, they are pretty expensive to manufacture, and wears the brake rotors. Being metallic, they produce dust too, thus causing alittle bit of health problem. According to the brake pad review, it is very much suitable for those who are obsessed with powerful cars and wants instant braking whatever the situation and speed they are in.

Thirdly comes the most recent innovation of braking science, ceramic brake pads. Ceramic brake pads are the best brake pads that one can get, talking in overall perspective. They are made of ceramic embedded with copper fibers. They have thesimilar braking capability with the Semi-metallic one, but produces less dust and has higher durability than the others. One of the major drawbacks is, they cost more bucks. They have lesser heat absorption ability, increasing the temperature of the braking system, but are easy on the rotors. They don’tproduce much cold bite, thus not suitable for lower temperatures. Thus according to the brake pad review, it is the best one can choose.

We have selected few of the top rated brake pads available online and offline both. EBC green pads, best for your family car. EBC red pads, best suitable for your muscle car or sports car, they are of ceramic category brake pads, providing ultra-high performance. Other similar products are Hawk HPS brake pads, Hawk ceramic brake pads, Posi Quiet ceramic brake pads, stop tech street performance brake pads. EBC Yellow is another top rated brake pad with very high braking capability, it works at its best at awide range of temperature.