The most versatile tools are the heat guns. They are used widely for varied purposes. Some creative uses of a heat gun are:

  1. Leather repair: Leather repair is super easy with a heat gun. It is used to trim away those extra fibers, apply the fixative and fillers and to do the patchwork with another cloth over the torn leather piece. All this is possible with the heat gun.

  1. To remove dent: The heat gun is very useful in removing those shallow but small dents. These dents without any creases can be removed by you with this tool. The dent pops out easily by gently warming the area with the heat gun and by allowing the metal to cool with dry ice.

  1. Roasting coffee: Have you ever thought roasting coffee could be that easy? Yes, it is possible with a heat gun as it emits very high temperature which is very effective n roasting coffee.

  1. Making candles: Heat gun makes the best candles. It is a very superior tool for candle making and is most creative art too.

  1. Soften the adhesives: Have you ever wondered how to remove a bumper sticker from your dream car? It is a very difficult and a tough task to tackle. A heat gun is efficient in doing it neatly.

  1. Drying the paint: To decrease the wait after painting your wall before it gets messed up it is wise to use the heat gun. It dries up the paint and cuts down the waiting time drastically.

  1. Shrink the wrapping: The new heat gun products used in wrappings can shrink with the help of heat gun effectively without any hassles.

Use the heat gun creatively and best the results which are just amazing and not possible otherwise so quickly and neatly.