A road trip could be planned because of various reasons, either you are planning an adventure trip with the ones you love, or going back home for the holidays or when planning a fun getaway, or even when shifting homes. The reasons could be many, but we all face this one basic problem with all road trips, and that is, “Where do you keep the entire luggage?”

The space inside the vehicle is almost always limited, and so the last thing you would want is to cramp up the entire space in the car with luggage.

Opting for a cargo carrier seems like the only plausible option. But again, cargo carriers have a wide range of varieties to choose from. If you are looking for Cargo carriers with large storage capacity, there are some options available. This is even more important when you are carrying luggage that tends to take up more space than the interiors of the car itself.

Let us check them out.

Car Top Carriers

This is an amazing option especially when you are carrying with you things that have an awkward shape and size, perhaps like a bicycle, a kayak or anything else that cannot fit into the boot space of the car. It is a sturdy carrier where one can make the most of the free vertical as well as horizontal space that is available.

Hitch Cargo carriers

When you need to carry luggage that is far greater than the size that a conventional cargo carrier can offer, then this is your best bet. With a Hitch Cargo carrier you can make use of the complete length of the car to haul your luggage. There also is an easy option to fold this carrier up when not being used.


When carrying something akin to an entire house or loads of smaller sized luggage a trailer is an excellent choice. But when a car has a trailer attached, the driver must take extra care while putting the brakes, taking turns or even while speeding up.