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Navigation And Driving Going Hand In Hand

Many of you might know how to drive and might be having the license to drive a light-weight motor vehicle or rather a car. Knowing how to drive does not solely mean handling the vehicle, it also means knowing the signals, traffic rules and more importantly, knowing the routes to your destination. We are not carrying maps in our mind unless we are experienced professional drivers or a frequent traveler exploring every new place possible with our autoradio con bluetooth. It is not practical to carry route maps every time we drive and get stuck with them instead of handling the steering.

Global Positioning System or GPS as a navigation tool

This is where the new generation smartphone apps came to our rescue. Almost all types of smartphones, the cheapest to the costliest have either built-in navigators or allow navigating apps to be downloaded from play stores. The GPS feature marks your current location and traces the easiest routes to your destination. These apps read out the routes as carrying the phone in one hand and checking out the map along with driving is an unwelcomed method.

Navigator within your automobile

Navigating with the help of a smartphone app is not always reliable. There is a high probability that you may get a phone call on your way. The phone’s battery might be out of charge and you may not have a portable charger plugged on. Many smartphones have a bad habit of getting stuck in between. These are just some of the ways in which your phone might leave you in the midway and you end up getting jammed in traffic or headed into a wrong direction.

The car makers have realized the crisis of this situation and there are several models in the market now with a GPS navigator fitted into the automobile or available as an add-on feature. It works very similar to the phone app like the touchscreen, ability to get paired with your smartphone, mp3 player, USB ports, and lot more. A good example is the navigatore golf 6 which has a broad range of advanced navigators for cars. The advantages and superior purpose of a car GPS system include:

  • Drive along without any fear of losing connection in between. Glancing in between into the navigator also conveniently and safely avoided.
  • Very useful while traveling to far locations where network issues or lack of high-speed internet connection might pose problems.
  • The car navigator works as a group feature, letting all the passengers become aware of the passing routes, coming landmarks. This also helps in the easy switching of drivers during long drives.
  • The navigators also serve as roadmaps and halt identifiers giving you suggestions about good restaurants on the way or the best places to camp for some time, etc.

So, let your vehicle find its navigator in itself and you can drive on with no interruptions.…

Auto Radio

Some Cool GPS Systems For Your Car

Technology advances expose us to new gadgets every day. These gadgets and technological innovations have invaded all parts of our lives. Some of the coolest inventions are in the automotive industry. There are gadgets for every possible function that you can conceive and that too while driving. One of the best inventions is the GPS systems available for the cars.

There are many GPS systems available, some which provide just tracking, some which combine a couple of other features making it a multi-purpose gadget for your car. There are so many kinds of GPS systems now available in the market that you can find a gadget that suits your needs and your budget. Some of the best gadgets in this category are:

  1. CarPlay: This is a carplay system that was introduced by Apple. This is cool in-car technology that syncs a supported vehicle with a compatible I-phone. With this, you will be able to use your I-Phone through your car’s dashboard making it convenient to use their favorite apps and services. So, the new autoradio GPS carplay taps into Apple maps and works very well as a navigation system. In addition, you can stream music through your I-Phone’s internet connection and access Internet Radio. Most brand cars come equipped with the ability to use carplay making it a valuable addition to your car.
  2. Auto radio 147: Alfa Romeo first designed in 1910, is known for the sporty and race cars they manufacture.The auto radio 147 comes with the car, but you can install the radio by purchasing it separately as well after checking its compatibility with your car.

The radio system and the connect service in combination gives you the ultimate in technology. Connect is the information system in the car. In the central console system, it provides access to GPS, simultaneously allowing you to adjust the radio and CD system. The autoradio alfa 147 provides navigation and other comforts one seeks in a car.