The big Scottish road trip: step one – choosing the best car

If you really want to breathe in the crisp Scottish air walking is the best way to explore this scenic land. The second-best option is to drive especially in the Highlands and enjoy the Scottish hospitality. You can choose either a car, campervan, or a motorhome depending on your family size and the time at disposal. Having your own set of wheels gives you the freedom to sight see at your own pace and comfort.

While hiring a car is a simple procedure the difficult decision is to choose the perfect car for the trip. There are several sites that offer cars for rental but I prefer Cars and Climate Rental agency for its variety and friendly staff. You can hire a motorhome in Scotland from this site and traverse along the extensive road network that connects the rural to the urban areas. If you don’t want to miss any of the traditional scenic spots and are keen on discovering your own picnic spots, the motorhome is the best car to travel.

Why a motorhome

Flights and hotels always see a surge during the holiday season. This trend has given rise to motorhome holidays where families can not only save on the flight prices, hotels, and food but can also plan their itinerary to suit their specific tastes.

The motorhome is more flexible and provides an opportunity for a family to spend quality time together.  You have the freedom to decide if you want to camp or be on the road. It also encourages children to interact with nature and enjoy the outdoors instead of being confined to their devices.

Amenities in a motorhome

Most motorhomes are compact and easy to maneuver and drive. These vehicles are a home away from home as they provide you with a shower, toilet, kitchen and some of them even provide blinds and screens. The vehicle is fully equipped with utensils, toiletries and even bedsheets and pillows. You just need to take your personal belongings and head out on an adventure of a lifetime.